What Clients Are Saying... 


Tom I.

I am a disabled veteran. I suffered a lower back injury which has caused me chronic pain for the last ten years. This injury has prevented me from following through with a long term workout regiment because I usually start to develop a more intense, debilitating pain shortly after starting. However, working with Miles has forever changed my life for the better. I have now learned how to avoid strain on my back while still being able to strengthen it. I've only been working with him for about three months, but in that short time I've regained mobility, had a noticeable gain in core strength, and had a dramatic reduction in chronic pain. I've had other professionals try to help me with my condition, but none have been as effective as Miles. I believe the key difference is Miles' attentiveness to what I say and his expertise.

Jenny C.

Despite my best intentions, I find it hard to get myself to the gym to work out on a regular basis.  Luckily, Miles Sanchez came into my life!  I think the best way to describe Miles is that he is client-centered.  That is, he really thought about who I am, what I need, and want I was hoping for in my training.  I felt really supported by him, and looked forward to our workouts.  Just a few weeks after starting to train, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After my surgery and through my radiation treatments, Miles was incredibly attentive to what I needed to do (and not do) to regain my strength, flexibility, and most of all my wellness.  When I was tired from treatments, he designed light workouts that focused on other areas.  When I was feeling good, he gently pushed me.  More than other people I’ve trained with, I always feel that Miles is thinking about what’s going on.  He gives thoughtful advice, but isn’t pushy, about things like diet and sleep which are so important to health.  I’ve loved working out with Miles!

Charles B.

Miles is a great trainer! He has unique characteristics that set him apart from any other trainer I have known. Truly wholistic-- he trains, diagnoses, corrects, and attends to mind and body. He has been of extraordinary help to me with some mobility issues related to aging. Skilled, sensitive, perceptive, wise. I recommend him highly!

Nicki B

Miles is great to work with.  He’s been quite patient yet persistent with me.  I’m over 50 and before I met Miles I was a slug and gaining weight.  I didn’t like the way my clothes fit me and my self-confidence was slowly declining.  All I was doing for exercise was taking the dog for walk.  I had been an athlete in my earlier years and I wasn’t used to not being in shape.  Miles was up for this challenge.  Although I told him “no, I’m not doing that often”, he found alternatives that fit me.  I’m on a path to take me back to my comfortable size and weight thanks to Miles.  I’ve met my goals and I’ve added yoga to my exercise routine.  Before Miles, I felt too self-conscious to try yoga again.  He’s built up my confidence and now I work out 3-4 times a week.  A big improvement from just walking the dog every now and then.  Thanks Miles, for taking care of me!

Alyssa S.

When looking for someone to oversee your health, I find it very valuable to have someone who's not only professional (shows up on time, is attentive, replies to messages, keeps up to date with recent research), but also someone who genuinely cares, is there to listen and work through potential obstacles that surface in a given wellness program. Miles does just that and beyond. He is attentive to form, making sure that each movement completed is intentional and safe, which results in more progress, more enjoyment and less obstacles. He listens, and I mean really listens to you. In my opinion, what better way to succeed than to have someone there who gives you the space to be understood and reassured that everything is okay. He does a great job of reminding you that he is there to support you in any way he can, via his encouraging follow ups. His time spent outside of the sessions checking in, emailing or even visiting in person, is unique to this field. It shows that he's continuing to think of you and your success well after the 60 minute session. He's more than what you would expect out of a personal trainer. He's a caring coach, an awesome supporter and a focused professional. If you get the opportunity to work with him your life will be changed: you'll walk away knowing what it is like to have support, encouragement and strategies on how to further navigate your health. You'll learn how to better eat, move and live in a way that adds meaning to your life. I would highly recommend Miles!

Scott R.

I love working with Miles.  He is a lot of fun to be around does a great job of pushing you to do best while being supportive.  He makes sure you get the most out of every session and doesn’t feel like just a trainer, but rather a partner in your effort to improve yourself.  Miles tailored our training to address specific goals based on his assessment of my strengths and weaknesses.  For the things I needed to improve, he found fun ways to work on them and to challenge me to get better.  And he keeps evolving our training curriculum to keep things fresh.  Finally, when I would show up with an injury, he was instrumental in helping identify the potential source of the problem and providing solutions.  For instance, I have been suffering from a nagging neck injury off and on and with his help we worked on some posture issues, exercise techniques and sleep habits which exacerbated the problem.  Within a couple of weeks, I felt much better and, most importantly, have a better understanding of how to keep it from flaring up.  I wholeheartedly recommend Miles!

Renee S.

From the get-go it was clear that Miles is an active listener who takes the time to really get to know me as a whole person.  It was great being able to openly discuss how other factors in life were impacting our workouts. One of the most salient take aways from my time with Miles is focusing on the big picture and the long haul versus stressing about small factors that were not of value. 

Trevor K.

Miles really does take it above and beyond when it comes to fitness. I had an accident when I was working and needed physical therapy after surgery. One of my friends told me about Miles. He's the best personal trainer ever! There were so many times I wanted to quit, but he kept me motivated. He was always smiling and ready to work with me, more pertinence than a monk! I can't say enough great things about Miles. The work accident was quite unfortunate, but I will say I was really fortunate to meet and work with someone like Miles. Thank you Miles!

Kim A.

I've had such a wonderful experience working with Miles during my strength and conditioning sessions with him. I will start by saying how hard it is to find a trainer that truly cares about your well-being. He guides you in a way that doesn't come off as pushy or commanding. When I was struggling, Miles was patient and kept pace with my limitations. He also motivated me when he knows I was still able to give my best effort out. Also, the facility caught me off-guard because it didn't feel like the other fitness centers that I've been to. The genuine kindness, positive energy, and passion that Miles brings radiate throughout the gym. As a result, it creates such a friendly and cheerful environment. You can feel it by seeing the interactions of other people. You can definitely tell that people enjoy being in this place. Overall, my experience with Miles is bar-none, the best I've had. I highly recommend Miles for anyone that needs physical help, have any fitness goals, or just the desire for a healthier lifestyle. You will not regret it!