Its More Than

Just Fitness...


Mission & Goals

We expect the most from every training sessions. We seek to increased your levels of skill, performance in any and all activities. 

Miles Above Fitness aims to service the people because we love it!  

ABOVE that, participants reduce or eliminate pains, hit new personal records, feel more capable moving and controlling their body, as well as being surprised by other positive changes. 

Miles Above fitness make it a priority to work alongside with your nervous systems (not against it) to maximizing your results and releasing your true potential.

We want to guide you to achieve the what you want and need in your life. 

No other body has experienced what your body has experienced, and no brain responds like yours - you are uniquely YOU. 

We believe "It all starts from above" (Our Brain) and should be taken into account in your training, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. 


"The littlest amount of movement is the greatest amount of medicine"


Let's Get Started

We understand that each client is unique, therefore each client will be motivated by something different; they'll also move differently, eat differently and pursue different goals. We enjoy helping clients learn how to move with intention, feel capable, and confident in and outside the gym. Miles Above Fitness teaches the values of longevity, vitality, and personal growth with the utmost importance of both understanding our body and mind, individually.